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Fresh pastries and coffee in the morning, fragrant and tasty sandwiches, cold drinks for a quick lunch break.

Ice cream to the delight of adults and children, appetizers and snacks for a tasty pre dinner.

All this is the bar of Camping Pineta which is available to all our customers.

We welcome you in the beautiful veranda overlooking the Bolsena, where you can taste our specialties.

For those who want “something more” we will be able to recommend the right restaurant for all tastes.

There is also a large screen LCD TV to follow live sports and news from around the world.

The Camping Pineta Bar is open from 8:00 a. to 11:00 pm.

Il Bar Camping Pineta

Respect Covid-19 Prevention Rules

Indossa la mascherina
wear a mask
Mantieni le distanze
Keep the distance of at least 1 meter
Evita assembramenti
Evita le strette di mano
Lava spesso le mani
Remember to wash your hands often
Usa sempre il sapone o soluzione a base alcolica
Use soap or hydroalcoholic solution
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